EAS Flight training is fortunate enough to have a team of highly experienced pilot instructors. All EAS Flight Training instructors are hand-picked qualified commercial pilots, with backgrounds ranging from flight training, military, and airlines, to name a few. At last count our instructors have over 50,000 hours combined experience between them! 


Our instructors are not only experienced commercial pilots, they’re also mentors and teachers to the many student pilots who train with us. Our teaching style is standardised, and our policy is to provide a non-threatening and supportive approach to flight training, whilst ensuring the learning outcomes and objectives are achieved without taking the fun out of flying. Afterall, that is the reason we all want to fly! 


We promise you will not be disappointed with our instructing staff; we guarantee the best customer service in the aviation industry and maintain an open-door policy with our Chief Flying Instructor and the company CEO. 


We offer a friendly and social atmosphere and encourage our student pilots and staff to interact and learn from each other. If you’d would like to meet our team, we welcome you to drop in at anytime and speak with one of our friendly instructors.


Our instructors are qualified to teach:

  • Recreational Licences RAAus and CASA

  • RPL endorsements (navigation, controlled airspace, radio)

  • Private Pilot and Commercial Licence

  • Multi-Engine

  • Instrument Rating

  • Instructor Rating (RAAus and CASA)

  • Aerobatics and spinning

  • Design feature such as Turbine, pressurisation, tailwheel, retractable, manual pitch propeller

  • All advanced training up to professional level